I have been practicing acupuncture, meditation, tai ji, and related arts for over 25 years.
I have been meditating and practicing tai ji pretty much every day since 1986.

I enjoy working with people of all ages, and backgrounds. I have studied TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine, sometimes called Maoist medicine, actually a compilation of styles brought together in 1947 during the peoples revolution, and includes eight principles pattern discrimination, five phase pattern discrimination, viscera and bowel pattern discrimination, channel and network pattern discrimination, qi and blood pattern discrimination, fluids and humors pattern discrimination, six aspect patter discrimination, four aspect pattern discrimination, three burners pattern discrimination, disease causes i.e. western syndrome pattern discrimination, ) in the United States, and at hospitals in China.

I have also done a lot of studying in Classical Chinese Medicine, (which focuses on 4 older texts, Su Wen, Ling Shu, Wen Bing, and Shang Han Lun.) I use these with the more modern Taiwanese and Japanese styles, and applications. Those styles have adapted to modern peoples problems, nervous systems, and physiology, which really differs from the Chinese. China is still a very poor country and conditions there are really rough, and their acupuncture is rough too. Japanese acupuncture is much gentler, and works better with all modern people as so far as I have experienced. I have tried many different needling techniques from different styles and have found several that I employ regularly with amazing results. The retention of needles can vary from seconds, to 45 minutes or more. I evaluate how long to leave the needles in through pulse diagnosis. I could say a lot more about all this.

I bring simple mindfulness practices into the clinic to help with developing deep, relaxing healing states. I have experimented with many approaches to these states over 25+ years.