Blood Chemistry Testing, food evaluations, pathogen testing,

Blood chemistry analysis can include all metabolic factors, including endocrine factors, and immune factors.   I use lab corp for besic metabolic testing.  I use Immunosciences for some pathogen testing and some auto immunity testing.  You can visit for more detailed information.  Click on catalog, then the image on the left.  I use Cyrex labs for immunological testing and food screening.  Cyrex has a very user friendly, public access, simple description of their tests available at  Cyrex and immunosciences were started by the same Phd. MSc. Immunologist Aristo Voljdani.  Dr. Voljdani holds the patents for the immunological testing done by the top immunology labs in the world.   However, for some reason no labs are able to duplicate the same accuracy and consistency of results that his labs acheive.  Please see the above sites for more information on him, his acheivements, awards, and labs.  I highly recommend Viome.  This service is available to the public without a doctors requisition.  Viome tests several parameters of health.  Their focus is the microbiome in the intestines.  The bacteria.   Biologists categorize life into the following classifications to identify the strata;  Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and species.   All bacterial testing in the world are only accurate to the phylum level.  Viome is the only lab capable of analysis all the way to identifying the species.  That is 5 levels of biological specificties greater than any other lab.  This allows for extremely accurate predictions of what foods will be beneficial.  Different foods break down into different strains of bacteria.  It has been confirmed by many research groups that intestinal bactera influence many physiological functions.  Of course other kinds of pathogens can infect and effect the microbiome as well, and they test for those too.  All of their recommendations are based on food choices and are very individual.


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